Dear Friends:

On behalf of the Carmelite Sisters, Mrs. Cruz, and the entire faculty and staff of Holy Innocents School, I welcome you to Holy Innocents School. 

The Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart were here on a warm September day in 1958 when our school opened its doors for the first time. Since those halcyon days of the late Fifties (those Happy Days), the world and the Church have witnessed tumultuous changes. Through it all, Holy Innocents School remains with our wonderful Sisters, our dedicated lay faculty and staff, and our beautiful children and their families. We are fighting the good fight for the glory of God and the salvation of souls and we encourage you to join us as partners in this holy endeavor.

I have always thought it a beautiful coincidence that the abbreviation for Holy Innocents School is H-I-S, or rather His. Without wishing to overstate the case, I like to say, and I believe, that our little parish school located on the corner of Willow and Pacific is one hundred percent His. We are unabashedly Catholic and that total commitment to the faith permeates every aspect of school life at Holy Innocents. With our recent adoption of the Catholic classical liberal arts curriculum, we are already noticing positive changes. Students are happier, more serene, and more motivated to learn, to name a few.

The purpose of a truly Catholic education is not only to equip the student in such a way that he or she will be able to successfully navigate the often perilous waters of life in this world, but also, and more importantly, to lead them to the safe harbor of heaven. Why did God make me? The Baltimore Catechism asks and answers:  God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven. This sums up the goal that all conscientious parents have for their children. Holy Innocents School is here to assist parents–the primary educators of their children in the faith–in achieving this supreme objective.

I pray that your hearts will be stirred as you explore the good things that are happening at His school in Long Beach, Holy Innocents School.


Fr. G. Peter Irving III